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Curve & step marking and engraving

June 3, 2019

Markolaser: Fiber Laser Marker- 20W-DE/ 30W-DE

Step marking and engraving :

  • Curve Marking & Engraving special purpose Fiber lasers.
  • Step Engraving is a specialized process which enables the user to form precise 3 dimensional images inside many like brass, steel, tool steel, copper etc.
  • Markolaser is one of the leading and possible one of the few in india to manufacture Step Marking & Engraving CNC lasers.
  • Markolaser Step Marker & engraver is small in size and easy to operate with a high speed, little heat exchange and no distortion of the substrate during deep laser engraving. The marking and engraving is done using the latest and tested European core component which ensures sharp and precise laser beams, are contact free, produce anti counterfeiting effect at very low operation cost. Our laser is recognized for the high quality effortlessly renders due to the CAD?CAM Software Support, fine and accurate deep laser beams even after many repeats.
  • The laser beam of our Step engraving lasers is small spot size, giving more sharpness and accurate image. 
  • The laser can easily curved surface by designing artwork or files in autocad, cad/cam.
  • ideal for curve path marking.

Special Laser for marking on curved large parts like drums with an area upto 250×250mm without a rotary motor. This can also mark on curved parts like donga & dish and similar parts. 

Step marking and engraving Sample

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