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Cam index drives (laser marking machine accessories )

June 3, 2019

The “Cam index drives” (laser marking machine accessories ) are mechanical index system which converts, continuous rotary input motion into intermittent, indexing output motion. The input shaft carries the cam. This cam has a groove, which obeys the acceleration control “motion law”. The output shaft carries the cam followers, which engages in the groove of the cam. The “motion laws” are designed to give a very smooth, jerk-free indexing motion. Since the cam followers are preloaded against the cam, the backlash is practically zero. The index tables have a large number of applications. They can be used in almost any automatic machine, which involves a transfer of components on “rotary dial plate” or “linear indexing conveyor”.

The cam index (laser marking machine accessories) drives have the following salient features, which make the automation user-friendly.

They give very fast, smooth and jerk-free indexing motion. They have very high indexing accuracy. There is no backlash. They are maintenance-free and designed for a very long operational life.

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