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Laser marking on black ceramic

June 26, 2019

Laser marking on ceramic is usually a tedious process due to the fact that the thick paint that persists over the ceramic needs to be removed to make the necessary artwork and designs. Conventionally, carbide tools are used for engraving the surface by merely removing a layer of the paint. This may cause anomalies like fine fissures, cracks and sometimes cracking of the substrate. Markolaser utilizes an innovative approach to mark the ceramic substrate by ablating the layer of paint within two passes thus ensuring proper removal of the paint as well as treatment of the underlying surface avoiding microscopic anomalies like fine fissures, cracking, sedimentation and burning of the substrate.

laser marking on ceramic
Laser marking on black ceramic

Salient features of laser marking machine:

  1. Compact rugged air-cooled structural design.
  2. Up to 500mm Z-axis work station movement.
  3. Best ergonomics with a 3-way work station.
  4. +100,000 hours of an expected laser lifetime.
  5. Highest marking quality beam diameter < 32microns.
  6. Red pointer for mark preview & foot switch is standard.
  7. Optional suction system for the high life.
  8. Mark on the fly, safety curtain, Automation integration options, the x-y cross table extends infinite possibilities.

Key Benefits:

  1. High speed, versatile & user-friendly marking machine.
  2. European components provide additional reliability.
  3. Digitally editable parameters ensure hassle-free marking experience.
  4. 2-year warranty on laser source.
  5. Original Windows Operating System & Markomark® software license.
  6. Highly qualified and experienced technical support team.
  7. Zero consumables & negligible maintenance ensures a low cost of ownership

Laser engraving and engraving of ceramics and porcelain, magnificent marking by Markolaser (Germany quality), Indian price, laser etching.

Laser marking on ceramic sample:


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