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Engraving on mold date code inserts

June 3, 2019

Date code inserts are mold inserts that indicate various information as per the customer’s requirements. These inserts are generally circular in shape. Laser engraving on mold date code inserts has its applications in injection molding dies, engraving of material codes, shifts, month, day, quarter years, etc. Since these inserts are supposed to be used in very high temperature and abrasive environment conditions, the Markolaser has to engrave into dying steel tools grade steels which are hardened up to 65 HRC.

Also, the manufacturing of these inserts is done in such a way that one can change the year while the mold is still in there in the machine. It can be achieved by simply inserting a screwdriver in arrow slot and turning it counterclockwise.

Laser engraving on date code inserts is the process of removing a portion of the material to leave an engraved mark which is visible beneath. The laser creates high heat during the engraving process, which essentially causes the material to vaporize during each pulse. Several passes of the laser may be required to get the desired depth of the engraving.

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