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Under Ultrasonic Soap Water Laser Marking [automotive industry]

June 26, 2019

We at Markolaser conducted an experiment in our R&D lab. The experiment was about laser marking on the metal strip inside an ultrasonic cleaning soap liquid which was placed at 10 mm distance in a dish. The markolaser machine can do in-depth marking in liquids up to a limit of 250 mm. This is particularly done for specialized applications in the automotive industry. The automotive part is placed in the cleaning liquid to get rid of debris attached to it while manufacturing. The part is marked while it is still inside the liquid in order to segregate it for rejections.

It is a very difficult task to mark with good contrast under ultrasonic soap. However, with Markolaser R&D engineering it is made easy.

How Under Ultrasonic Soap Water Laser Marking work?

Please watch the video attached below:

Ultrasonic Soap Water Laser Marking

This is a special application in the automotive industry where the part is placed in the cleaning liquid to get rid of debris attached to it.

Ultrasonic soap water laser marking process video link is down below


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