MARKOLASER for Glass, Crystals & Nylon
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Laser marking for glass, crystals & nylon

June 3, 2019

Our green laser is a diode-pumped, Q-switched, solid-state laser. Laser machine for glass uses the finest microresonator with electro-optic modulation technology which is perhaps one of its kind. Our laser diodes are of the best quality. These pumping laser diodes and resonators are temperature controlled by a highly efficient solid-state system based on PELTIER CELLS.

Laser marking for glass, crystals, and nylon applications

The green MARKOLASER is designed for micromachining of soft and hard materials, especially marking on glass and crystal engraving. High peak power with excellent beam quality makes this system indispensable for these applications.

A beam soot size of 20 microns is used for deep, small micro-machining and special electronics and medical applications. Material processing, scribing of wafer cells, marking on glass and transparent mediums and intra-volume glass marking are its forte. Marking on glass is a thermal cracking process while marking on polymers (like nylon) is a foaming process.

Laser marking on glass, crystals & nylon samples

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