Effective permanent marking with automated solution

Markolaser's automotive direct part marking and traceability solutions meet all ISO/IEC requirements as specified in the rules of ISO/IEC TR29158, ISO/IEC TR24720 & ISO 16022 Identification Standard and Direct Part Marking Guidelines.

Monitoring and controlling the process

Real time online tracking system Created by Markolaser helps save lead times and fully optimizes the supply chain by updating the information about operations happening in one zone to other zone. This system helps in visualizing the ongoing processes, identifying the right produce with data management systems. It will help you identifying the right problem by giving you the answers of when, where, and by whom within a particular process.

Implementing Traceability Poka-Yoke

An error proofing process improves quality by ensuring that the right product is placed in a right sequence and right processes are carried out on it. The code is scanned to reduce the error due to manual data feeding for liability, warranty issues, safety, to fulfil the regulations & to identify exactly the right part which is subjected to theft and counterfeit.

Markolaser's laser marking solutions keep all parts in the automotive industry fully tracked and traced in complete supply chain of manufacturing process thought out the life cycle with a full range of cost-effective technologies.

Our 24*7 service culture and customer- as partner philosophy delivers the comprehensive support you need to keep your production efficient and move smooth.

Markolsaser delivers traceability systems for automotive components including castings, forgings, plastics and rubber in assembly and supplier production facilities.

  • Surface marking on automotive metal components

    Laser marking of data matrix code on gear

    With the help of our Fiber Lasers, we generally surface mark Data Matrix code (2D-code) on to the automotive metal components such as gear. For providing uniqueness to the gear, the data matrix code marked is encoded with a unique identification number. With this unique identification number, the gear traceability can be achieved through out the supply chain.

    Laser Marking of Data Matrix code is done in respect to the guidelines defined by ISO-16022, which is an international standard for “Data Matrix Bar-code Symbology Specification”. With the help of Cognex made Industrial Bar-code Scanner, verifying and validating (with respect to ISO standard AIM-DPM-1-2006 or ISO/IEC TR 29158) of laser marking and encoded data is performed respectively.

  • Surface marking on automotive metal components

    Direct part marking (intrusive marking) of data matrix code on transmission shaft

    Direct Part Marking or Intrusive Marking is a technology, where the surface properties are altered in order to produce a permanent mark on the component. Laser marking of Data Matrix code with Unique Identification number on the transmission shaft is done according to the DPM guidelines defined in the standard ISO/IEC 24720.

    Generally on Curved surfaces where flatness is a constraint, we prefer rectangular data matrix code instead of square data matrix code. Since it is a Direct Part Marking, the life period of the data matrix code is equal to the life period of the component. This code provides uniqueness to the shaft throughout its life time.

    direct part marking (intrusive marking) of data matric code on transmission shaft
  • Surface marking on automotive metal components

    Marking of final assembly code on automotive gear assemblies

    Our Fiber Lasers are easily integrated in the assembly drive line, where every part of the gear assembly is made unique by marking data matrix code with unique identification number. This allows us to prevent the intermixing of components at the final assembly stage by poka-yoke with the help of our Traceability software. Alarms are provided if any wrong part assembled in the final assembly.

    A final assembly code is given to the gear assembly, which contains the information of every part assembled for future analysis.

     marking of final assembly code on automotive gear assemblies
  • Surface marking on automotive metal components

    Serial number marking on bearings

    High contrast Black marking of serial number on the circumference of bearings is done with the help of our fine laser systems. These marks are corrosion resistant as there is no iron presents in the mark, which in turn increases the mark durability. This laser marked serial number can prevail harsh environments such as high working temperature zones, friction resistant and many more.

    This Serial Number present on the bearing contains information such as warranty period, manufacturing date etc. The serial number marking by laser thus reduces the warranty costs claimed by the customer.

    SSerial number marking on bearings
  • Laser engraving of 2d-code on casted automotive component

    High energy laser engravers are used to engrave the data matrix code onto the casted components with high surface roughness. These engraved data matrix codes can be readable even after washing or oil processing.

    The surface roughness of the component plays an important role in defining the size of the Data Matrix. With the help of data provided by the international standard ISO/IEC 16022, the minimum cell size of a Data Matrix code can be defined.

  • Surface cleaning of automotive components by laser.

    High performance is required from every component in the automotive industry. One of the factors that alter the performance of the components is rusting. With the help of our specialized laser for surface cleaning we clean or remove the top most layer only up to a few microns depth without altering the properties of the material.

  • Paint removal by laser

    Backlit- Day & Night

    The day-night-marking is done by removing the coated layer. The individual coat layers are removed with great precision, so that backlit become visible to us.

    It is only possible by our laser marking process . An injection mold can be used for the most diverse switches or control elements.

    The low tool price associated with huge volumes and the high flexibility with regard to the marking contents make the process of laser marking more effective

    backlit automotive industry fiber laser marking

Turnkey Automated solution

We do have standard machine for Traceability automated solutions. If our machine will not fit the requirement that you exactly need from us, we can customize the solution to the exact specifications your project requires.

Do you have a problem? We have a solution.

We develop a complete process according to your specified project requirements. We have worked with some of biggest players in the automotive industry by creating design for customized applications that fit their exact needs.

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Simple and easy Integration

The simplest and effortless way to integrate laser marking and automation with full traceability into your manufacturing processes is made easy with EtherNet/IP, Rs232, Ethercat, Profinet, Profibus OPC UA, Modbus communication,

which helps in extracting the data.

The software (iTracy) for management and interactive user interface make it easy for the operator to monitor each and every process.

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Great Quality & speed

Markolaser's machines marks on variety of surfaces and parts of all different shapes and sizes. Whether it is a 2D data-matrix or bar-code or serial number,

we can keep your
components' history connected to the Database/server throughout its entire life cycle with the help of our iTracy Software.

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Service and support

The Markolaser Experience helps keep your production running effectively and at maximum capacity 24/7.

As a laser marking partnership we give 2-year warranty on all new systems

as well as unlimited phone support and remote diagnosis.

We also keep standard components in stock for overnight shipping and sell service kits that keep critical components readily available. 

We offer training programs on-site, online or at our facility so that your staff can properly care for your machine.

Our office is available all over the globe to help you with your project locally. Many provide demonstrations and will visit to review your application and answer any questions.

Since 1988, we have evolved with our customers to provide the best applications for their projects. We listen to our customers and offer unparalleled service with every purchase. 

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