3-Axis Laser Engraving of Retinal Epithelium Structure

December 24, 2019

Beauty of eyes and its detailed structure now can be designed and engraved with laser engraving machine of markolaser. Even the most sophisticated design and structure of retinal epithelium cells are captured with 3D Retinal scanner and then each and every details of scanned images is created in house in design and development (R&D) lab of markolaser. And then in application lab with 3D markolaser software and 3-axis laser machine the real 3D retina is converted into a realistic 3D structure of eyes.

The beauty comes when 3 axis fine laser beam strikes the metal surface with 0.0001 accuracy. And when every second of laser beam is invested on engraving each and every details of retinal structure which is so clean and crips that has amazed everyone.

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