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June 3, 2019

Laser cutting and deep engraving features:

  1. Brass / Copper / Gold / Silver sheet & strip of 10 – 80 mm width and of any length
  2. Laser cutting machine
  3. Cuts up to 1.2 mm thick sheets
  4. Portable & optional cutting attachment
  5. Length of the strip is automatically adjusted
  6. The cutting mechanism to forward the strip
  7. Attachment can be washed in water or alcohol for the recovery of gold dust
  8. Rotary cutting device (option)

Laser cutting applications:

a) Jewelry (special extraction for gold & platinum dust collection) 
b) Electronic Circuits.
c) Electrode making
d) Optional strip cutting mechanism

Technical specifications for laser cutting and deep engraving features

laser marking technical specification
Laser marking technical specifications


Minnie Marker 30/50/70 Watt

Brass / Copper / Gold / SILVER sheet & strip of 10 – 80mm width of any length
laser marking cutting machine.
Cuts up to 1.2mm thick sheets.
Portable & optional cutting attachment.
Length of the strip is automatically adjusted.
The cutting mechanism to forward the strip.
Attachment can be washed in water or alcohol for the recovery of gold dust.
Rotary cutting device (option).

How laser marking cutting machine works?

Laser cutting is carried out by applying enough power at a low speed to completely vaporize material all the way through. Filigree cutting by laser is one of the important applications in jewelry industrial. For this application we have extra fine & high frequency lasers having number of waveforms to select for different materials

Some of the important features are as follows:

  • Less HAZ produced during cutting
  • The oxidation process can result in a variety of colors
  • A slower, more drawn-out process
  • Common in the medical industry applications such as internal tracking and branding.

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