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Marking on phone accessories

June 3, 2019

Laser marking on battery (marking on phone accessories) is quite different from traditional methods using stickers or inkjet printing to make marks, which are easily rubbed off and trigger secondary pollution. Laser marking technology is the very solution to these problems, which also has the advantage of low cost and low consumption. The alphabets are marked on the keyboard by laser heat. They are permanent and unable to be erased or changed.

Laser marking on pen drive (marking on phone accessories): When marked by laser, the black plastic turns into white due to the special feature of plastic. Texts, images, 2D codes, etc. can be marked in this way.

Laser marking on sim card (marking on phone accessories): Fiber laser is applied to mark high-precision and subtle figures, such as bar codes on SIM cards. The feature of non-pollution is environmental-friendly.

Images marking (marking on phone accessories): Laser technology, nowadays, has become more and more mature in the parking area. Pictures are produced fast and accurately by laser equipment on many kinds of materials, such as 2D pictures.

Laser mold die for mobile accessories

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