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3 axis laser engraving application

June 3, 2019

This is in addition to 2-axis where the third dimension or Z motion is added. A unique Z-axis structure of our laser machine gives it a 3-axis laser engraving application probe to engrave irregular surfaces. Each step is in microns and the quality of deep marking depends upon the precision of laser engraving in each step. However, speed is NOT important here.

Explaining the 3-axis laser engraving application

Each layer needs to be carved with exactness to chisel out complex figures or designs into metals, hard or soft. Our lasers easily achieve applications involving high energy such as deep engraving and black marking on metal while going really deep into metals. The 3rd axis enables stability and high quality marking on a stepped curved and sloped surface. It provides a uniform Z spot size along with uniform and steady marking quality.

Markolaser machines are capable of 2.5 D or 3 D engraving. These machines are capable of engraving on many metals & their alloys including hardened steel for coin dies application.

The laser is well suited for marking on hardened dies, coining dies, molds, mold inserts, embossing and debossing dies, roll dies, hot stamping & combination dies, steel dies & rotary dies which produces a sunken or raised effect around components like caps, tubes and canisters, plastic injection molding and jewelry making dies.

This system comes with optional dust or abrasive exhaust with turbines as a dust collection solution to provide maximum ease to the operator and longevity of the laser machine.

3-axis laser engraving machine provider

Testing of each part is a must before taking the Markolaser 20/30 watt DE. Air conditioning needs to be controlled up to 1°C for optimum accuracy.


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