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Co2 fly marker

June 3, 2019

This Co2 laser marking machine is based on “mark on the fly” principle and is best for packaging applications on the production line.

Co2 laser marking machine and Laser fly marking series are the hi-tech products specially designed for online inkjet on the product packages for different industries at very high marking speed. It is widely applied in tobacco, food, medicine, dairy product, drinks, mineral water bottle, alcohol, daily articles, electronic, wires, architecture materials, and other industries.

It can mark on PVC, PET, rubber, paper, glass, metals and other materials with high accuracy and is a highly visible, permanent and accurate marking effect. Laser fly marking can mark unique product series number, barcodes on the product and it cannot be altered or removed.

The copy-right proof function can prevent imitated or copied products in the circulation and selling processes. No consumable materials are used in this application. It is safe and the environment protected with new cooling technology and controlling devices are all set in the main control box.

We recommend the right machine model as per the application and a solution to the customer according to the functions and characteristics of the fly marking machine. Fly marking machine can be directly deployed with customer assembly line and if necessary, assembly line and worktable can also be customized.

Application Industry:

  • Soft-drinks packaging industry
  • Food packaging industry
  • Alcohol packaging industry
  • Medicine packaging industry
  • Tobacco packaging industry

Advantages of Fly Marking

  • Advanced processing mode and a high degree of precision
  • Easy product identification
  • Environment-friendly
  • Low cost, fully automatic, easy to operate
  • Permanent & long-lasting

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