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Markolaser- laser marking machines are the ideal solutions for businesses looking for inscription quality, precision & reliability for branding, decoration, manufacturing and traceability tasks using lasers, whatever the sectors may be.

Due to our continuous quest for expanding our knowledge, innovations and perfecting our processes, we at Markolaser, benefit our customers by committing to them a next level of technology, a competitive edge and a pre-sale, sale and post sale service. We are backed by solid experience which ensures that the technology offered is future proof, cost efficient and accurate. Being a mid size company , owner operated and a strong economical base, Markolaser is able to have a long term relationship with its suppliers, customers and employees which gives it an edge when integrations and automations are required by its customers. Advantage of being tied up with Tampoprint AG as its pad printing Partner, Spinks World is able to do smart integrations of both the technologies to bring the best to its customers in the most inventive and economical ways.

What is Traceability ?

Traceability is an identification system that traces a set of information and is able to verify the history, location, origin, batch number, time, date, product movement and application of a product or a part Read More...

Customized Automation

Markolaser is one of the known leader of automation technology. Most reliable semi and fully customized automation in manufacturing unit or production unit design by our mechanical and Read More...

Customized Software

We can Imagine Your Future ! as most reliable friend for ease, Markolaser Creates an ecosystem for smart factory, We promise to make your production & manufacturing unit more smart with Read More...

Customized automations

Customized software

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Markolaser Advantage

Markolaser is a market leader for the manufacturing of laser marking machines in India for industrial productions for sectors like Medical, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Jewelery, Traceability solutions, Watch making, Semiconductors, Plastics, Aerospace, Utensils, Bearings & Tools and many more.

At Markolaser, we set very high standards for quality by rigorous quality control systems, 2 years warranty on complete laser system and excellent after sales service. Its mission is to provide the customers with reliable & precise results acknowledging the highest quality standard demands of the industry. Markolaser portfolio includes standard machines for specific industry solutions and customized automations adapted to customer specific requirements. The Company has very sophisticated high value production equipments which ensure zero tolerance in the manufacturing of these machines by experienced and skilled mechatronics, optics & electronics engineers. It has manufacturing facilities at Baddi and Gurugram and many distribution & service centers across major locations in India and overseas, to reach and support its customers in no time.

Markolaser Laser Machines

Marking and Deep engraving lasers "European Quality Indian Price" . Precision marking and engraving machines from Markolaser are excellent in price performance ratio. Standard warranty of two years (standard 1.1.2011) on all our products shows the confidence in our products. With wide range of lasers we are now established as suppliers of lasers for stand alone lasers to special online installations, semi and complete automations, solutions for traceability in automotive, medical and jewelery markets. Markolaser is into manufacturing of very sophisticated lasers in co-operation with leading companies from Europe. At the moment the prime focus is to make high quality and very reliable marking laser machines in India.


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How is Markolaser special

  1. Longest Warranty, Reliable Service, Highest quality
  2. No Chinese components used. Mostly European, Japanese or U.S.
  3. Finest and Deepest.
  4. MOPA Lasers (Q-switch only as re-condition option)
  5. 500 - 1000 KHz lasers
  6. European standards - Indian Price
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