Dark laser marking or annealing

June 3, 2019

Dark laser marking or annealing of metals also known as dark oxide creation is especially done on stainless steel-304. Markolaser 10/20 watt systems have achieved excellent dark marking capabilities at very high speeds. Bathroom fittings and medical implant industries greatly benefit from our expertise in application engraving. It is also called “laser anneal” marking and has excellent qualities, few of which are listed down below:

  1. Smooth surface (no engraving felt by hand).
  2. Black in contrast.
  3. Deep enough which ensures long life.
  4. Passes salt spray test.
  5. ASTM F 1089 can compliance.

Annealing Laser Marking

Annealing marking is an oxidation process used on carbon-containing metals by applying heat through laser on the surface of the metal. Annealing marking generally gives a black mark with a smooth finish, but color may vary from brown, red, green, etc. depending upon the amount of heat used for marking.

Some key points of annealing:
  • Used on carbon-containing metals such as titanium, steel, stainless steel, iron.
  • The oxidation process can result in a variety of colors.
  • A slower, more drawn-out process.
  • Common in the medical industry applications such as internal tracking and branding.

 Carbon Migration Laser Marking

Carbon migration is another type of laser marking in which a metal or metal alloy is heated, causing the metal to chemically bond with its carbon molecules. This bonding brings the carbon properties to the surface of your material. When this occurs, it will often result in a dark laser marking that can even be black in color. This type of marking is a faster process than annealing because it provides a relatively higher amount of heat to a smaller area within a more short time period.

Some of the key-points of carbon migration laser marking:

  • Only metals and its alloys containing carbon such as steel, stainless steel, carbide, titanium can utilize this marking.
  • The heating process migrates carbon to the surface.
  • It produces dark markings.
  • Heat is applied rapidly.

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