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Laser marking on LED & CFL

June 3, 2019

Rotary indexer

Laser Marking on LED process :

The rotary indexers are used to mark precisely on small or big parts at a
very high speed, thus economizing the whole process and giving a faster cycle time. Loading and unloading of parts can be done simultaneously and

Laser marking on LED / CFL industry:

Class 1 Laser machine with 8/10/12 station indexer specially designed to mark on both sides of the LED / CFL simultaneously where one side can have the branding and other side specifications.

Laser marking machines for electricals & electronics industry

Laser marking machine product fields:

LED, mobile battery, chargers, mobile Body, lamps, labels, films, wires and cables tubes, conduits and extruded products.

Laser marking machine advantages:
1. Replacement of inkjet printers
2. No inks/cartridges required
3. Crisp, sharp marking
4. Mark on the fly option to mark at. 
5. High speeds. 
6. Move – Stop – Mark – Move option. 
7. Index time less than .8 secs. 
8. High marking speeds. 
9. Top-quality components used. 
10. 2 years standard warranty. 
11. 24×7 duty cycle friendly machines. 

Laser Marking on Electrical Parts

One of the most important industrial application of laser is to mark ratings, logos, circuits, barcodes, etc on electrical components.

LED, CFL, and electrical samples

Markolaser (laser marking machine)

Markolaser is a global supplier of excellent European laser marking machine systems. All our laser marking machines are built with European laser marking machine-building technology. The heart of laser marking machines is laser marking machine generator which we import from Europe and the galvos used in all our laser marking machines are from Germany. However, this does not mean that Markolaser laser marking machines are expensive. We bring to you the best quality at the best prices.

Markolaser laser marking machines are built with best price and quality in mind. Markolaser laser marking machine is high quality at a very reasonable cost.

Application of laser marking machines (laser marking machine)

Laser marking of metal like stainless steel, chrome-plated metals, brass aluminum, copper gunmetal, die steel, coated and anodized metals and hundreds of applications. Please see our section on applications of laser marking machines.

We are the manufacturer and distributors of markolaser, Co2 markolaser, laser marking machines, laser engraver machines, laser etching machines, laser machine, industrial laser machine, laser marking machine for metal, laser marking machine for plastics, laser marking machines supplies, laser marking technologies, laser marking services, laser marking machine for keyboards, jewellery, bearing, electrical switches, CFL, computer components, container seals, meter seals, Co2 laser marking machines, Co2 laser marker, Co2 laser machines. An encoding laser built with European software and components gives an advantage of good quality at a reasonable price. Ideal for plastic and metal marking. We are the authorized distributors of TAMPOPRINT-Germany pad printing machine, laser machine, Markolaser, fiber optics, CO2 laser, diode pump laser, backlit operation, molding.

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