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Deep laser engraving application

June 3, 2019

There are hundreds of deep laser engraving applications out there in the market. Are they really capable of deep engraving? Do they have that experience? Can they etch or deep engrave hard metals?

On the surface, they all might appear capable and efficient but, if one looks deeper, most of the lasers do not do deep laser engraving on all the metals especially the hardened tool materials having HRC around 62-65. During deep laser engraving, the focus of the beam keeps wavering incessantly and for laser engraving to be precise and accurate, a constant beam is required. Keeping all important considerations in mind, Markolaser’s deep laser engraving is well suited.

Key features:

  • Consistent beam for consistent results.
  • Very fine beam quality that offers accuracy and precision up to a few microns.
  • It can engrave hardened tool material with hardness around 65 HRC.
  • It can go to a depth up to 6-7 mm while engraving with absolute accuracy and without any variation in focal point.

One of the advantages that we offer is that now you do not need to machine softer steel and harden it afterward. This post-process hardening destroys the sharpness of the tool. Markolaser’s deep engraving system can directly process a metal insert of 58-62 HRC hardness. In fact, a tungsten carbide insert/tool can also be deep engraved by this Markolaser deep engraving laser machines.

Deep engraving applications are:

1) Deep engraving for the coin dies industry.
2) Deep & fine engraving for watch industries on watch bezels, dial plates, etc.
3) Deep laser texturing in the jewelry industry includes engraving/texturing on bangles, rings, pendants, etc.
4) There are a number of industries, laser engraving caters to such as the automotive industry, electronics industry, aerospace industry, medical industry, etc.

Markolaser can now easily replace the mold inserts which are traditionally fabricated by mechanical CNC machining or pantographs.

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