About Markolaser

With traditional factories transitioning into more data-driven connected factories and Industry 4.0, automation, cognitive manufacturing taking the centre stage, Markolaser emerges as a trusted name.

Markolaser is an innovative engineering brand of Spinks World group of companies, a 30+ year old group, with more than 20 years of experience in lasers and machinery business. Headquartered in Gurugram, India, we are cutting edge global suppliers of standalone workstations, SPMs, automation, traceability solutions and in line integrations for marking, engraving, cutting, free form texturing and high power welding.

Markolaser is a rare mix of exceptional quality, in-depth knowledge, reliable after sales support, and trust. True to our commitment of Affordable European Quality, we build top-notch workstations with components sourced from the world’s best suppliers and do in house manufacturing of parts using machinery from manufacturing giants like DMG MORI, Carl Zeiss, AGIE Charmilles, GF+, Okamoto etc. Markolaser gives you the advantage of in house designing, technical consultancy, hardware integrated software development, individualized solutions, smart manufacturing solutions, IOT ready machines, on-site training and constant support of our incredibly qualified and skilled team right from conception to the delivery of product.

Having offered unrivalled after sale services via multiple regional centres extended all over India for decades, we have now evolved as a global company marking our presence in several countries across Europe, Africa, South America and the Middle East. With our focussed R&D in developing AI vision systems, I 4.0 ready solutions and efficient laser welding systems we proactively strive to stay at the forefront of factory automation.

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How is Markolaser special

  1. Longest Warranty, Reliable Service, Highest quality
  2. No Chinese components used. Mostly European, Japanese or U.S.
  3. Finest and Deepest.
  4. MOPA Lasers (Q-switch only as re-condition option)
  5. 500 - 1000 KHz lasers
  6. European standards - Indian Price
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