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What is laser hallmarking?

May 27, 2019

Unless alloyed with a very small quantity of some other metal, both gold and silver are too soft to withstand any sort of wear and tear while being adorned. It is very easy to carry out adulteration of an alloy into the precious metal without a change in its color or touch and it is a very tedious process to detect without performing any technical tests. Therefore, hallmarking is the accurate determination and official recording of the proportionate content of precious metal in gold and silver. Hallmarks are thus official marks used in many countries as a guarantee of the purity of the fineness of gold jewelry (BIS).

Why laser hallmarking is used?

  • Laser marking is an etching process; therefore it does not cause any bruising or distortion of the metal.
  • It is possible to mark both flat and curved surfaces.
  • Laser hallmarking does not require any physical contact with the item. A very precise fiber laser-engraving machine applies it.
  • The valuable items may be damaged or distorted if marked by the old punching methods.
  • The finished article does not need to be refinished.
  • Lasers not only improve the clarity of the mark but they also allow items as small as rings or earrings to be marked.
  • Laser hallmarking is ideal for hollow or delicate articles where it would otherwise be very difficult to mark.
  • The deep laser marking is long-lasting and retains excellent definition even after polishing.

Choice of laser machine for Hallmarking

  • Hallmarking laser marker uses a very small beam diameter; even lesser than 30 microns and yet have very high peak power.
  • The laser has to hallmark on a very highly polished surface. Hence, the chances of beam bouncing off are very high. So the hallmarking laser should block the returning beam to avoid damaging its own resonator.
  • A diode laser has less than 10,000 hours of diode life versus more than 100,000 hours of life expectancy in case of a fiber laser giving it an edge over diode lasers. The smaller lifespan of the diode laser beam will result in an increase in the cost of ownership and thus adding overhead expenses.
  • Normally fiber lasers need two passes to etch gold. First, to frost the gold and second to engrave. This makes the marking less sharp. One clean mark must be preferred for hallmarking gold and silver jewelry.
  • When buying a fiber laser for hallmarking it must be kept in mind that it should do the hallmarking in ONE pass only and not TWO passes.
  • One must beware of the low-quality laser markers due to the following facts:
    • Low-quality scanners: The laser marking from the quality compromised galvo scanners end up in the loss of sharpness of the design. The life of such scanners is not more than 2 years after which they get defected.
    • Cheap Diode systems: Many cheap diodes are available but they end up being demanding and worrisome due to many technical reasons. Many organizations like Rofin, Trumpf, Laser wallets from Europe are very reliable in quality but have less than 10,000 hours of life. These are fine lasers due to wonderful optoelectronics.
    • Ordinary fiber laser markers have the problem of not marking adequately on gold whereas they mark very well on steel or other less polished surfaces. They damage their own resonator cavity due to a compromise in design on protection.
    • Warranty: Most hallmarking laser manufacturers do not give 2 years warranty on complete lasers. A warranty below 2 years is speculative for such an expensive machine.

At MARKOLASER, we set very high standards for quality by rigorous quality control systems, 2 years warranty on a complete laser system and excellent after-sales service. We bring to our customers extraordinary European technology at very low prices. MARKOLASER hallmarking lasers are incomparable in terms of price-performance ratio.

Our lasers are not made with any component of Chinese origin. Very reliable European components make the lasers uncompromising and are optimized for gold and silver laser marking. MARKOLASER laser systems have a strong industrial cabinet and work table.

Our after-sales services are unmatched to the extent that we provide online diagnostics and solutions in case of any breakdown. While buying any hallmarking laser remember “cheap is not always cheap“. Having a dependable laser from a reliable company is very important, as one may need services after years of usage.

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