Laser marking on animal tags

June 3, 2019

The laser marking on animal tags are used to mark or identify the cattle or animals. The objectives of these tags can be many, few of which are cited down below:

  • Insurance of animals: This is one of the methods to identify and keep each animal marked at the time it is insured.
  • Quality assurance: Used to control the provenance of meat in order to guarantee high quality.
  • Mixing of cattle: Used to identify each animal from others and date of marking of cattle.

Laser marking on animal tags is generally carried out by fiber laser. But, sometimes, the results are not up to the mark. For better results, we can provide information on the additive used (up to 0.5% to 3%) to increase the contrast of marking.

Laser marking on animal tags is generally carried out by the carbonization process. The laser energy carbonizes the TPU causing an effective long-lasting impression that cannot be removed by machining or any acid. The depth is up to 100 microns.

Materials used for animal tags

Mainly the plastic used is for the making of plastic animal tags is TPU ( thermoplastic polyurethane). Apart from this, polyamide and polyolefins are also used.

Samples at a glance

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