June 3, 2019

Laser Marking of Thermoplastics Like:

  1. Polyamide(PA)
  2. PET
  3. POM
  4. PVC
  5. PC
  6. ABS-Keyboards
  7. EVA
  8. PPA
  9. SEBS
  10. PBT (Polybutylene Terephthalate)
  11. TPU(Thermoplastic Polyurethane Animal Tags.)
  12. TPE
  13. TPV

LAZERADD®, pallets or additives (laser marking of thermoplastics)

Most thermoplastics cannot be marked very well with the widely used and economical infrared Fiber or ND YAG lasers. Expensive UV lasers are needed.
However, we can provide a special high-performance additive than enhances “dark on light” of most thermoplastics.

This is a granule formed product which can be used at two stages:
1. Directly during the processing stage or
2. Added into the masterbatch together with other colors.

Compare with other laser additives.

1. Most of the laser pigments are in powder form hence mixing is very difficult in the processing stage and only master batching is advised.
2. Many laser pigments basically use the heat of the laser beam to change the color of plastics by burning. Hence, if the plastic is not responding well to laser it needs deep engraving to create the contrast.

In contrast, our laser granules have microparticles which do two things,
a. Absorb the laser beam
b. Form colors.
NO HEAT is needed and due to this combination plastic turns dark when exposed to the laser source.

Hence, the property of plastic to give contrast is no longer important. This is the reason why the thermoplastics which have very less contrast towards laser are easily marked with our thermoplastic laser granules.
3. In comparison to conventional laser pigments, it gives better speed, superior sharpness and less depth is required.

Worldwide Applications of LAZERADD®

Laser Marking on Animals Tags: Animals are needed to be identified due to many reasons like insurance, headcount, and for guaranteeing food safety to consumers.

Cattle ear tags are commonly used as visual identification devices. They are available in numerous shapes, sizes, and colors. One popular color is yellow and the raw material used is TPU.

MARKOLASER specializes in this application. Our laser with granules combination gives very durably and UV light resistant marking for years.
You can mark:
1. Identity number Alphanumeric.
2. Datamatrix Code.

Laser Marking on Container Seal: Another big application of this laser and laser pigment or granule combination is in the container seal industry.
The used plastics are PC, ABS, PE, PA, PP. Excellent results are achieved in this industry.

Laser Marking on Electric Meter Seals: Similar to container seals, the electric meters used at homes or industry also need customized marking for the date, number and controlling electricity pilfering problem.

Laser Marking on Keyboards: The keyboards of laptops and desktop computers are very large for laser, hence, need a special additive to reduce the time of laser etching such a large area.

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  1. Laser marking is so much more versatile than some might believe; what seems like an efficient method of design is also an effective marketing technique and prevents forgery, among other things. Great article

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