Laser marking on Auto Parts

June 3, 2019

Laser marking on auto parts: Laser marking is an advanced technology of automobile production, which has been applied to make high-quality car accessories as well as fitting signs for years. In addition to the laser marking technology, laser welding, as well as laser cutting, is also well applied in the automobile industry.

Foaming Laser Marking

Foaming is a laser marking technique used only on polymers. Laser foaming is carried out by creating a molten burn on the surface. The molten surface creates an atmosphere of foaming gas bubbles. Foam laser marking is usually carried on a polymer which results in a light color.

Some of the key-points of Foaming Laser Marking:
  • Used only on polymers
  • Produces light & smooth markings
  • Material is melted, creating foam and gas bubbles

Coloration Laser Marking

Coloration laser marking is the process of adding color to a polymer or metal by controlling laser and scanner parameters such as pulse frequency, pulse width, power, speed and more. The coloration on polymer occurs by the foaming process while it occurs via oxidation in metals.

Some of the key-points of Coloration Laser Marking:
  • Can be utilized for both metals and plastics.
  • The process for coloration varies, depending on your material.
  • It creates contrast in both colored and black and white materials.
  • Color results are based on an oxidation process.


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