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Introduction to Healthcare Internet of things HIoT|[Markolaser]

March 8, 2020

With the development of advanced IoT devices healthcare is revolutionizing in a faster pace. The databased analysis where the data is compared against the individual data using various data analysis technique, HIOT data helps & enables the personalization and modernization of healthcare premises which in result improvements and reduces cost effectively.

We are listing down 3 main areas which is responsible for development of Healthcare in past decades :

First is: sensing, where there is an increased drive for miniaturization and power efficiency; secondly, communications, where the enabling factors are ubiquitous connectivity, standardized protocols, and the wide availability of cloud infrastructure, and At last data analytics and inference, where the availability of large amounts of data and computational resources is revolutionizing algorithms for individualizing inference and actions in health management.    

Deployment of IoT equipments and devices/instruments and demanding desire to transform healthcare sector and to make it more cost-effective, more personalized, and proactive, IoT plays a strong role in all aspects of health management,

We can classify HIOT into two subjects that is : personal and clinical. Personal HIoT includes devices such as activity/heart rate trackers, smart spectacles, smart textile clothes and smartwatches like apple, xiaomi , fossils watches and are used by human for self-monitoring. All these general purpose smart devices are used by human being without the involvement of any physicians.

Clinical HIoT devices are built specifically for health monitoring under the guidance and with the involvement of a doctors. Examples include smart continuous glucose monitors, connected inhaler, blood pressure, heart beat alpha beta gamma fluctuations, respiration and muscles activities.

Most of the healthcare premises have already adopted HIOT because of the Advantages of increasing availability of high bandwidth connectivity, Low cost cloud storage and computation, and largescale data analytics. HIoT technologies are very attractive in this emerging world because they allow personalization of Hospitals enabling not only significant cost cutting but also improved outcomes through higher responsiveness, customization, and effective exploitation of aggregated data. HIoT reduces the time and efforts done to diagnose a health condition, provide more efficient high-quality health care, and help to reduce clinical costs as connected to HIoT systems. As feedback to the doctors and monitor their own progress is made easy with HIoT systems.

data analytics is one of the advance way to automatically understand the physiological disturbances in a patients for helps in investigation, examination and visualization, without cognitively overloading doctors and interfering with their patient interactions in the hospitals.

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