Cloud / Database Integration
Cloud / Database Integration
Cloud server integration with SAP, Oracle, SQL, Excel etc can be incorporated with ease.
Openness with I/O Ports
Openness with I/O Ports
Open to integrate sensor with I/O Port with all possibilities is made ease.
Data Analysis
Data Analysis
Predictive and Preventive analysis of machine data in real time.
Data collection for all level of manufacturing for forward/backward traceability.

Administration level & Authenticity

Various access levels can be set for operators, hod plant heads, retailer, vendors, etc.

unique login can be made for added security and different levels of data to be accessed.

Quality Inspection

The quality of unique code marked can be scanned and grade is updated to the server if laser marking is done.

Managing and tracking the equipment and tools for inspection and the collected data can be integrated to the cloud.

Sensor Control Interface

Sensor Control Portal gives us a facility to monitor the parameters that we need to activate so that we can get an alarm if there is any emergency.


Intelligent sensor in combination with marko-controller and iTRACY makes it possible to collect monitor the data of component and machine or systems in real time. Example like temperature, power and vibration.

With the analyzed data we will be able to correct the error and help in reducing the consumption of energy due to fault occurred in the system.

Open Communication

Easy communication with Ethernet, Profibus, Profinet and RS232 etc can be done with our iTRACY platform.

Report Generation

The system provides us the ability to generate reports which contains all the critical data. The data is further used for analysis of all the different processes and the conditions.

Vision System Integration

Vision Inspection Portal helps in Integration of vision system for vision measurement and color etc. To identify any type of flaw for right inspection and segregation, the integrated vision system helps in easy analysis of production performance.

Automation Operation

Automation portal provide us a clear visualization for automation. For better automation the value of x,v,z axis can be set manually. The integrated sensor help in adjusting x,y,z values of moving parts.

Flexible Customizable Portal

we provide our client the flexibility and an open platform where as many amount of data can be updated again the unique code and managed. The data can be latter updated to the server/database/cloud.

Alarm/Event Management

The custom command can be set according to the requirement related to production for example, Threshold can be set according to quality of marking, production outputs, alert can be auto sent via email & sms.

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How is Markolaser special

  1. Longest Warranty, Reliable Service, Highest quality
  2. No Chinese components used. Mostly European, Japanese or U.S.
  3. Finest and Deepest.
  4. MOPA Lasers (Q-switch only as re-condition option)
  5. 500 - 1000 KHz lasers
  6. European standards - Indian Price
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