HERCULES: Laser marker, cutter & engraver

Great Precision with big Impression

Hercules a laser machine with almost all the working ability to mark, engrave, texture, deep engrave, cut, drill, on big parts, with great repeatability. It is a customization friendly, laser machine which can be integrated with movable head in all 3-axis if required. Marking is very flexible and unique. Automation friendly, with 180-degree accessibility.

High working speed on heavy parts

One machine for all application on bigger heavier parts.

laser engraving on curve 3d large parts

Ubiquitous application & integration

Ideal for complete traceability solution like sequential and encrypted code laser marking of linear bar code & 2d code from fetching, reading, verifying, sorting data offline or online and marking on to the part.

Superior repeatability

Excellent for big molds and dies used in footwear, blow molding and similar industries with superior repeatability

Safe with higher working speed:

The closed cabinet and provided safety goggles, portray our machine as the safest.

Certified by

  •  2D ON 2D 2D ON 2D
  •  Foot Switch 3D ON 2D
  •  Foot Switch 2D ON 3D
  •  Foot Switch 3D ON 3D
  •  Foot Switch DRILLING
  •  Foot Switch 3D ANNEALING

Technical Data

Class Class 1 Laser Marking, Engraving, Deep Engraving, Texturing.
Max. Workpiece Weight Max work piece weight < 150kg
Nominal Parts Dimensional Normal Part Dimension: 500x800x400 mm
Machine Dimension Mechanical Dimension: 1200x1040x1970 mm
Safety Goggles Safety Goggles Always Wearing Safety goggles
MATERIAL Material Metal, Plastic, Composite, Polymer

Samples gallery

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How is Markolaser special

  1. Longest Warranty, Reliable Service, Highest quality
  2. No Chinese components used. Mostly European, Japanese or U.S.
  3. Finest and Deepest.
  4. MOPA Lasers (Q-switch only as re-condition option)
  5. 500 - 1000 KHz lasers
  6. European standards - Indian Price
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