Marking of fruits and vegetables with laser marker

Laser labelling of food items is widely accepted by environment friendly consumers. People consuming organic food items prefer organic packaging and marking of these items. Naturally branded food items not only promote sticker less marking but also provides branding solution for food industry. Besides, plastic and sticker labelling is hazardous to environment as well as health.
Direct labelling is the organic solution to prevent fruits and vegetables from sticky glue of stickers and harmful plastic foil.

Natural Branding Process

The reason laser labelling is called direct labelling is that no physical contact of machine and fruits occurs while marking. The laser beams are directed on fruit/vegetable which peels off the outer layer of food items. The portion thus peeled off is termed as laser mark/label.

Naturally labelled food items are safe and do not hamper the quality, shelf life and pulp of fruits and vegetables.


  • Energy needed for labelling with laser is 1% of energy (carbon emission) required for marking with sticker.
  • Natural branding is the solution for sustainable development as it helps in plastic, paper and glue reduction.
  • According to reports, natural branding just on avocadoes and potatoes only will save 200 km plastic in one year. So one could imagine the scope of plastic reduction if natural branding is done on all the food items.

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