Frequently Asked Questions?

1 How much is the minimum font size for our laser can mark?

Ans: Font Size lowest up to 200 microns can be marked with our Laser.

2 Whether the laser marking is permanent or can erase after some days ?
3What is the production per day -How many pieces per day?
4What is the maintenance of the machine ?
5 What is the possibility of inner marking on curved bangles or ring ?

Ans: Curved surface of diameter ranging from 0.8-1 mm can be easily marked. (Kerf Width) . We have special tools like motorized rotary chuck to engrave inside the curve with ease.

6 What is the gold loss while marking ?

Ans: Our GoldWin- The Gold dust collector is very efficient. It can capture almost entire Gold as powder. We can help to recover this gold.

7Life of laser machine ?

Ans: Life of laser machine is solely dependent on life of laser source – MTTF +100000 hrs. For 5-8 years the machine runs very efficiently though frequent check ups are required.

8can Markolaser also mark BLACK EFFECT as per customer demand ?

Ans: Yes. Black marking of Gold is possible.

9 What about service after the warranty ?

Ans: After warranty it depends on AMC or Per visit charge. The main advantage of Having a Markolaser machine is – its after sales service backup. We keep spares of all our machines for next 10 years.

10 What if laser source gets damaged in warranty period, will you give me a new source or repaired source and what cost & what would be the possibility of getting repaired source damage after replacement ?

Ans: Standby sources will be provided till the damaged source is repaired.

11 Whether 2D Machine can engraved UP TO 3 mm for Coin Die application ?

Ans: 2D machines are not suitable for 3D coin dies. Special Z axis motion with high accuracy is required for this purpose.

12 how much is engraving time for 1 die ?

Ans: Material Removal Rate need to be mentioned. The time of coin engraving can vary Depending on Diameter and depth. It can take from 6 hours to a few days to make dies.

13 Whether 3D machine can engrave 2 die ?

Ans: Yes, 3D machine can engrave 2D dies.

14 Whether 2D Machine can engrave, I f yes, then what will be the laser power & how much depth will it ENGRAVE for (Material HSC Steel-40-55 HRC) ?

Ans: 2D machine can engrave easily HSS steel with 20W power and around 0.4 mm depth can be achieved

15Whether 2D Machine can CUT, If yes, then what will be the laser power & how much depth will it CUT for (Material -Brass , copper ,Gold ,Silver) ?

20 W = 0.1 – 0.4 mm 22 Carat Gold
30 W = 0.1 – 0.6 mm 22 Carat Gold
70 W = 0.1 – 1 mm 22 Carat Gold
100 W = 0.1 – 1.2 mm 22 Carat Gold

16Can a 2D laser Convert to 3D in future ,If Yes @ what cost ?

Ans: No, upgrade not possible due to limitation of 2D machinery.

17 what all is available in machine price (Laser head ,controller ,software etc.) Within the machine price includes Laser source, Artwork (2D/3D/2D on 3D/3D on 3D), Lens, 2-axis, computer (optional), A.C. (optional), Cabinet and work platform.

Ans: Please invite a quote based on requirement.

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