Fume Extractor

Fume Extractor

Our Fume Extractor Unit is designed for applications that generate particulates and gaseous volatile organic compounds (VOCs) through the laser material processing such as drilling, marking, cutting and engraving. It maintains a dust-free operating area, helps to protect valuable equipments and helps to maintain a higher quality mark by preventing the accumulation of fumes on-to the part.

Should be installed at:

Deep laser engraving, Laser coding, Laser marking, Laser drilling, Laser cutting, Laser welding, Laser etching, Laser engraving, Laser micro-machining, Laser perforating, Laser cleaning, Laser kiss cutting and other laser processes where generation of fumes takes place.

Advanced three stages filter:

Pre-Filter: Large particulate settles to the bottom of the filter box further velocity drops through expansion and at end of this stage filter media is there to hold medium sized particulate.

HEPA Filter: Small particulate is held in the HEPA filter.

Chemical Filter: Advanced Carbon Filter technology to kill organic germs and bacteria.

Standard Features:
  • Reverse Flow filter technology
  • Automatic Flow Control
  • Advanced Carbon Filter technology
  • HEPA and Gas combined filter
  • High contrast display
  • Real time airflow reading
  • Filter status warnings
  • 'Run safe' operation
  • Remote diagnostics via USB
  • Independent filter condition monitoring

Fume Extractor Units:

FORCE 3+: CE Approved Smart: CE Approved
The FORCE 3+ is an intelligent solution for more demanding customer who benefit from ease of operation & clarity of real time information Downloadable performance & operation parameters for evaluation The Smart has been designed to work with the new generation of low cost laser system where effective fume extraction is needed in order to maintain safe operator working conditions and assured the products quality.
Technical Specifications: Technical Specifications:
Dimensions (H x W x D): 980X430X430 mm
Operating voltage: 230V
Airflow: 380 m3/hr
Pressure: 96mbar
Dimensions (H x W x D): 590X380X440 mm
Operating voltage: 230V
Airflow: 285 m3/hr
Pressure: 24mbar

Our standalone laser machines compatible with Fume Extractor Unit:

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