Green Laser marking

    • Green laser marking on knife
    • Green laser marking on  glass, plate
    • Green laser marking on MCB
    • Green laser marking on opticals
    • Green laser marking on pen

    Green laser marking on Kitchen utensil

    Laser Application:
    • Branding and Marking, traceability on Plastic parts
    Materials Used:
    • Plastic, Pipes: PVC, UPVC, HDPE, LDP, PP, LDPE, CPVC, LLDPE, Borosilicate glass,PCBs, Cell phone covers and grids, PET, Plastic wrappers and PTFE.
    For Industries:
    Electrical component industries, Cosmetics and decoration industries,

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Green Laser

A green laser has 532 nm wavelength and fall under visible (green) spectrum. One of the advantages of green laser is that it is better absorbed by highly reflective materials

Sr. No. Application of Green laser Material that can be processed
1 Branding, Marking, Traceability on various plastics and glass parts. PCB's, Plastics (Nylon, ABS, PC etc.), Glass, Leather,

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