CO2 Laser

    • Co2 laser marking on plastic packet
    • Co2 laser marking on plastic packet
    • Co2 laser marking on plastic packet
    • Co2 laser marking on paper box
    • Co2 laser marking on plastic box

    Co 2 laser marking

    Laser Application:
    • Branding and Marking, traceability on Plastic parts, Wood, paper, electrical wires and cables
    Materials Used:
    • Wood, polycarbonate, paper, Leather, acrylic, electrical cable sheaths: PVC, XLPE, DEHP, Cresyl Pthalate.
    For Industries:
    Wood processing industries, Plastic industries, paper, Packaging Industries Leather industries, Non-metal marking applications.

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CO2 Laser

In CO2 Laser  the laser light takes place within the molecules of carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide lasers are one of the highest-power continuous wave lasers. The CO2 Laser are quite efficient and the ratio of output power to pump power would be as close as 20%. The co2 laser produces a beam of infra red light.

Sr. No. Application of CO2 Laser Material that can be processed
1 Branding on plastic parts PCB's, Plastics, Wood, Glass, Ceramics
2 Marking on glass
3 Marking on electronic components
4 Direct part marking of data matrix, QR code & bar-code for traceability.
5 Serial number, manufacturing date & times

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