Who are we

Markolaser form the house of Spinks World is an industrial laser machine manufacturer for laser cutting, welding, laser marking and deep laser engraving machines in India not compromising on the size, beam quality, power consumption, repeatability and operating life of its laser machines.

Commitment of markolaser team of laser technical experts to the manufacturing and fabrication industry, in making well engineered laser marking system solutions, gives confidence to our customers that they are going with the best and an economical laser machine manufacturer in India using all the important components from the best global suppliers of the industry to ensure durability and precision, day after day in material processing laser applications.

Markolaser is not just known for innovation and leadership in industrial laser machine manufacturing technology, but also for our problem solving capabilities and continuous service support. We have a substantial experience and a large number of models developed from simple ready to buy laser machines to complex fully automated systems for our customers. We operate on a global scale serving many European countries and have developed special laser cutting, laser engraving and laser marking machines for precision Swiss watches, made in Switzerland. We have continuously adapted ourselves to the market requirements which makes us stand out of the crowd.

Our experience and expertise in laser marker machines and a relentless drive to provide state-of-the-art, cost-effective solutions to the manufacturing and material processing industry, has been appreciated by the most advanced technology driven companies who are our valuable customers. We are also well known for custom engineered and automation solutions for integrating standard marking machines for your specific applications and requirements.

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How is Markolaser special

  1. Longest Warranty, Reliable Service, Highest quality
  2. No Chinese components used. Mostly European, Japanese or U.S.
  3. Finest and Deepest.
  4. MOPA Lasers (Q-switch only as re-condition option)
  5. 500 - 1000 KHz lasers
  6. European standards - Indian Price
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