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MARKOLASER is a market leader for the manufacturing of laser marking machines in India for industrial productions for sectors like Medical, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Jewellery, Traceability solutions, Watch making, Semiconductors, Plastics, Aerospace, Utensils, Bearings & Tools and many more.

At MARKOLASER, we set very high standards for quality by rigorous quality control systems, 2 years warranty on complete laser system and excellent after sales service. Its mission is to provide the customers with reliable & precise results acknowledging the highest quality standard demands of the industry. Markolaser portfolio includes standard machines for specific industry solutions and customised automations adapted to customer specific requirements. The Company has very sophisticated high value production equipments which ensure zero tolerance in the manufacturing of these machines by experienced and skilled mechatronics, optics & electronics engineers. It has manufacturing facilities at Baddi and Gurugram and many distribution & service centres across major locations in India and overseas, to reach and support its customers in no time.

MARKOLASER Guarantees Reliability.



Prices quoted above are with pkg., insurance, but transportation taxes, octroi as Actual etc.., and Spinks reserve the right to revise the price by 5 % whenever significant fluctuation happens in Euro Exchange rate.


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Value Added tax (VAT)(If Applicable) then,

Extra @ 5 % or as applicable at the time of invoicing along with surcharges, as per government rules.

Supervision of Commissioning

First two days are free subsequently at your site


Our Warranty is for 12 months from the date of dispatch. This does not cover normal wear & tear of consumable and rubber parts. If our Service Engineer is required to do regular maintenance during warranty period, an Annual Maintenance Contract can be offered to you separately. Spinks will not be responsible nor will it be held liable for any loss or damages arising to the buyer, as a result of delay, if any, in delivery / commissioning of the machine/s and /or the products of the Company due to the non-availability of site or reasons beyond the control of Spinks or for any product deficiency arising by reason of improper or wrongful use by the buyers of the machinery and/ or the product of the Spinks. Red Beam Pointer are Consumable over a Period of Time Spinks will also not be liable for any consequential damages to the buyer or any other person either by way of loss of profits or otherwise, in connection with the use and performance of the machinery and/or the products of Spinks or for any reason whatsoever.

*Special Warranty

Additional 12 months on Laser source and scanner.


2 % on actual value of machine (Inclusive).


Within 6 – 8 weeks of receipt of your technically and commercially clear order along with advance and “C” form.

Note –

a) Unless otherwise agreed, the goods shall be sold ex-works and the place for delivery shall be Spinks premises.
b) Spinks shall endeavor to deliver the goods within the time stated or by the agreed delivery date, but shall not be liable for late delivery unless it shall have given the buyer a delivery guarantee which contains an agreed payment by way of liquidated damages for late delivery. In the event of late delivery, Spinks shall have no liability except for payment of such liquidated and delay in delivery shall in no case entitle the buyer to cancel the order unless such cancellation is agreed by Spinks in writing.
c) If the buyer shall fail to give Spinks proper delivery or transportation instructions when required or to accept delivery of the goods when tendered in accordance with the terms of the contract, the buyer shall be liable for all storage and other costs incurred by Spinks as the result of such failure which shall be immediately due and payable on demand, but such liability shall not affect the buyer’s obligation to purchase the goods and the right of Spinks to damages for breach of such obligation.
d) In the event that the goods are delivered at a time and place agreed with the buyer but no representative of the buyer is present when the goods are so delivered Spinks reserves the right to deposit such goods at the specified place and shall have no liability in respect of loss or damage resulting there from.
e) The delivery period indicates that goods are ready for PAT test on our end. After that we will send the goods to the buyer.


1) 60 % - Advance along with the samples and advance in the form of DD favoring “Spinks Impex” payable at Baddi.
2) 40 % - Balance before time of dispatch i.e. before dispatch against Performa invoice

Note –

a) Unless otherwise agreed in writing, prices quoted are strictly net and payment shall be made within 07 days from the date of invoice.
b) In the event of any delay in payment Spinks shall be entitled to charge interest on any outstanding balance at the rate of 2% per calendar month or part thereof. During such period of default at any other time when the buyer shall be in breach of the terms of the contract or Spinks shall have reasonable grounds for doubting that payment will be made on the due date, Spinks shall be entitled to withhold deliveries without prejudice to its right to payment for goods delivered and for work undertaken and expenses incurred in connection with undelivered goods which shall become immediately due and payable on demand.
c) Any delay in Payment would reflect the Warranty and Service for near Future 3. Specifications –
All drawings, descriptive matter, weights, dimensions and specifications supplied by Spinks are Approximate only unless otherwise stated and all descriptions and illustrations contained in Spinks Catalogues, price lists and advertising matter are by way of general description, are approximate only, and in no way are binding on Spinks. Spinks will supply a set of certified outline drawings after conclusion of the contract and on request of the buyer if separately contracted so to do.
4. Tests
Spinks Products are carefully inspected, and where practicable, submitted to Spinks standard tests at Spinks works before dispatch.
1. IFAT (Internal factory Acceptance test) – We conduct at our Spinks premises 10 days before we call the customer for Trial.
2. FAT (Factory acceptance Test) – After the successful trial have been conducted then we call our customer for final acceptance or trial or inspection before dispatch.Compulsory
3. SAT (Site Acceptance Test) – After FAT, machine will get dispatched from our premises to the customer site for installation and there we do the site installation in front of our customer to run the machine at the cost to fulfill their requirement mentioned in their P.O.


15 days from the date of our offer, we at Spinks reserve the right to revise our quote if as & when fluctuation happens in Euro Exchange rate.

Force majeure

This clause is applicable. Notwithstanding the provisions of any other term of the contract, a party shall not be regarded as in breach thereof to the extent that such party is prevented from or hindered in fulfilling its obligations by any circumstances outside its reasonable control (including strikes, lockouts, shortage of materials, delays in transportation or governmental regulations) provided that such party shall have given written notice to the other party of such circumstances within a reasonable time after learning of them. If such circumstances shall continue to prevent or hinder the performance of the contract by such party for more than three months then the other party may by written notice terminate the contract with regard to the unperformed portion thereof.


Any dispute between the parties hereto shall be determined in accordance with the provisions of the Arbitration Act 1996 or any statutory modification or re-enactment thereof by a single arbitrator to be agreed upon between the parties or failing agreement to be appointed by the President for the time being of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.

Damage in transit

a) Spinks shall have no liability in respect of goods lost or damaged in transit unless such loss or damage shall occur prior to delivery and in the case of a whole consignment failing to arrive, the buyer gives notice in writing to Spinks Impex within 14 days of receipt of Spinks invoice or dispatch note. In case of insurance done by Spinks Impex it is the responsibility of the client to provide us with photographs and proof that goods were damaged in transit.
b) Subject to Para (a), Spinks liability in respect of goods lost in transit shall be limited to replacing such goods and its liability in case Insurance is done by SPINKS.
c) Incase the insurance is taken by client himself then he has to be responsible for follow-up with insurance.

Our products are constantly updated to keep the pace with the latest technological developments. For this reason figures & descriptions are not binding. Subject to technical modifications.
All the rights reserved our offers are fundamentally without engagement and in case of an order subject to our written order confirmation. If the above offer doesn’t concern the described machine but a printing line with any or all special attachments which has been designed and included according to your component upon your written order, then the purchase price can considerably differ from the offered price if not all necessary technical information was available when the offer was made.