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Minnie Laser Marking Machine

June 3, 2019

Minnie Markolaser Machine is low cost Laser marking system. This laser machine is small in size & cost but great in industrial performance.

Many customers needed a very basic laser but with very powerful and excellent marking results. They have smaller quantities to mark in a day but needed precision. Implants, Jewelry, Locks, Surgical instrument are some examples. We still provide host of features like Z-motion, Red Beam Preview, Red Beam Focus, Table for positioning, air cooled 10watt and 20watt Fiber Lasers imported from Europe with German galvos.Salient Features :

  1. Compact rugged air cooled structural design.
  2. Up to 500mm Z-axis work station movement.
  3. Best ergonomics with 3 way work station.
  4. +100,000 hours of expected laser life time.
  5. Highest marking quality beam diameter < 32microns.
  6. Red pointer for mark preview & foot switch are standard.
  7. Optional suction system for high life.
  8. Mark on fly, safety curtain, Automation integration options, x-y cross table extends infinite possibilities.

Key Benefits :

  1. High Speed, Versatile & user friendly marking machine.
  2. European Components provides additional reliability.
  3. Digitally editable parameters ensures hassle free marking experience.
  4. 2 year warranty on laser source.
  5. Original Windows Operating System & Markomark® software license.
  6. Highly qualified and experienced technical support team.
  7. Zero consumables & negligible maintenance ensures low cost of ownership
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