Mark On the Fly

June 3, 2019

Concept: Continuous marking on the moving parts. The Parts are loaded on to the conveyor belt and are automatically marked on a moving belt. 

Applications: 2D datalogic coding, Batch Coding, Date coding, 1D Barcoding on Packaging of soaps, Bottles, cosmetic jars etc. Security number plates is a special application developed on this concept.

Linear Indexer with laser marking

Concept: The Linear Indexer works at upto 40 indexes per minute. It works in “move-stop-mark-move” method. The beauty of this system is that only one person is required to load parts from one end and marked parts automatically fall on the other side. Part sensors control the turning on or off of the indexer. 

Applications: Any part which is of a standard size and does not require frequent changes in jigs, is the most ideal case for this kind of automation. These are generally used in very high production lines like electrical/automotive parts.

Rotary indexer

Concept: The rotary indexers are used to mark precisely on small or big parts at a very high speed, thus economizing the whole process and giving a faster cycle time. Loading and unloading of parts can be done simultaneously and continuously. 

Laser For LED / CFL Industry :- Class 1 Laser Machine with 8/10/12 station indexer specially designed to mark on both side of the LED / CFL simultaneously where one side can have the branding and other side specifications.

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